Drakewhistle device

Device: per chevron sable and vert, a dragon segreant and in chief two flutes bendwise argent.

Drakewhistle is a small medieval village in Yorkshire, and owes its existence to my extended Rolemaster campaign set in Britain in the 12th century. Drakewhistle is now a small and intermittently active household composed of anyone who has ever played in that Rolemaster game or any of my other games run in the same Sunday afternoon slot, plus, by courtesy, their significant others, plus various hangers-on. Some members (Kate and Llewellyn) are in exile overseas, alas, but are nonetheless still household members. Our activities centre mainly around forming an organisational unit at SCA events, with the odd household dinner thrown in. We have been known to perpetrate theatrical performances.

Household members
myself, Baroness Jehanne de Huguenin
Meister Guntram von Wolkenstein (Eckhard Gartz)
Kate of the Oaks (Kathy Manchip)
Sister Mairi Jean (Tracy Craig) and her lord, al-Sayyid Garsiyya ibn Ibrahim ibn Sulaiman al-Qurtubi
Lord Llewellyn Dhu (Austin Chamberlain) and his lady Myfanwy verch Trahaern (Vera Vukovic)
Lord Ranulf Sweartfaxe (Philip Anastasiadis) and his lady, Lady Angelique Leforet (Jo Stolk)

The Drakewhistle Household

Household Dinner, November 1998.
Back, from left, Ranulf, Llewellyn, Guntram,
Front, from left, Sister Mairi Jean, Jehanne, Kate.

(left) Ranulf and Angelique; (right) Myfanwy and her lute.

Myfanwy and Llewellyn... ;>

The Giant's Ring

A performance of "The Giant's Ring", a mimed tale, at Adamastor Twelfth Night XXXII.
The Grey-Clad Lady, The Humble Knight, the Narrator.
A Page, Lady Madrigal's father, the Humble Knight.

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