Some photos of my own outfits - not all of them are up here, I'll add others as time permits. I've included even the awful earlier ones - I've improved a lot since then...

My first outfit, worn by my friend Kathy (Kate of the Oaks), who inherited it when I grew out of it. Norman a la Norris (drawing is from Norris p. 42), Oriental surcoat and all. Norris is a very dodgy source, I'm not sure where he got the surcoat thingy from. The construction of the dress is all wrong, it's a mundane fitted princess-line pattern, but the sleeves are all right. Kathy should notbe wearing a purple veil, it should be white, I know that now!

Second outfit I made, from a funeral effigy (Poitiers, 1390)reproduced in Kelly and Schwabe, p. 23. The surcoat wasn't too bad, although, as you can see from the first photograph, the damned thing would not stay on my shoulders... The underdress was the same mundane pattern as the Norman. The first photo shows the wrong kind of belt, I did start wearing it with a proper hip-belt later on.

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