The creation of medieval costumes for SCA re-enactment is another of my interests; I make clothes for myself and anyone who can persuade me it's an interesting project, and I maintain a library of costuming research material and patterns, and run occasional workshops and Arts and Science evenings. My personal costume interests are focused around late 14th century English and French costume. One of these days I'll put up some photos...

Bibliography of costume works I have available.

Some photos of my garb

(under construction! I'll add more when I have a chance to photograph some of it properly.)

Clothed Seemly and Proper: the Saxons, (April XXXIII)

Clothed Seemly and Proper: late 11th and 12th centuries (May XXXIV)

Clothed Seemly and Proper: late 12th and 13th centuries (June XXXIV)

Clothed Seemly and Proper: The Fourteenth Century (July XXXIV)

Clothed Seemly and Proper: Burgundian modes (August XXXIV)

Headgear: a brief overview (Arts & Sciences handout. Please note that I haven't put up the images for this article, which isn't much use, I'm sorry.)

A Fourteenth-Century Jester's outfit (Arts & Sciences competition entry documentation).

Stefanís Florilegium

Wardrobes of the Known World Unlock'd: the website of the SCA-Garb mailing list. An excellent resource with articles and classes from all over the Known World.

Phiala's string page (highly recommended for beginner tablet weavers)

Tudor portrait gallery

Marc Carlson's page on reconstructing medieval clothes and shoes from archaeological evidence.

Briana's Clothing Page

The Costume Gallery (16th century Italian)

Cynthia Virtue's clothing site - excellent classes on hats and hair, basic garb, accessories.

Strong Collection of medieval accessories - images of surviving medieval buttons, jewellery, clothing and other items.

The Elusive Plaid Cotehardie. 14th century dress, bias cut, plaid and particoloured. Warning: possible eyestrain.

Margot Anderson's costume page, with links to Elizabethan costuming and some amazing photos, and also to her commercial page for Elizabethan costuming patterns aimed at authenticity and the SCA.

Drea Leed's Elizabethan Costuming Page. Marvellous resource including articles, picture resources and patterns.

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