I serve as Guildmistress to the Adamastor Cooks' Guild, and medieval cooking is one of my main interests in the Society. I hold the Drachenwald Arts and Sciences award, the Panache, for medieval cooking. I end up cooking for most shire events, either formally or informally, and also hold occasional meetings for the purpose of cooking to a particular theme. Although we have few medieval cooks in the shire currently, we are desperately proud of the fact that our feasts, even the pot-luck ones, are all 80-100% authentically medieval.

Interested cooks in the Shire are encouraged to make use of my personal cookery collection (see Bibliography, below), or to contact me (see homepage) for further information.

The intention of this page is to provide a resource for the medieval cooks of the Shire. Some of these articles are from the Storm Tidings archive; I have also included useful links and some sample feast menus.

A basic medieval cooking bibliography

A Beginner's guide to medieval cooking

Adjunct Kingdom University XXXIX - English feast

Here Be Dragons XXXIX - German recipes

Cowshed Feast XXXIX - An Andalusian Meal

Here Be Dragons XXXVIII: a weekend event with German recipes, November AS XXXVIII

An Elizabethan Dance Sideboard, September AS XXXVIII

Dragonfire Feast XXVIII: 14th and 15th century English

Cowshed Feast (Shire Birthday, 8th June XXXVII)

Shire Birthday XXXVI: An Italian Feast

Welcome Feast, February XXXV: a picnic finger meal

Twelfth Night XXXV: an Elizabethan Supper

A Light English Meal (September XXXV)

The Adamastor Yule Feast XXXIV: A 16th Century German Meal

The Medieval Braai (Storm Tidings, December XXXIX)

Roman Cooking from Apicius, Cooks' Guild meeting, March 2004

Medieval Pastry Recipes (such as they are)

The Great Custard Tart Caper (Kingdom A&S entry, April AS XXXVIII)

Dragonfire Sotelties (Dragonfire Feast, August XXXVII)

Sekanjabin and Oxymel (Storm Tidings, April XXXV)

Winter Broths and Stews (Storm Tidings, August XXXV)

13 good reasons why chocolate mousse isn't medieval (Storm Tidings, January XXXIV)

The Medieval Cook (Storm Tidings, August XXXIV)

Medieval Pasta (Storm Tidings, August XXXIV)

Medieval Pies (Storm Tidings, July XXXIV)

A Summer Salad (Storm Tidings, November XXXIII)

Please also see the cookery bibliography, above, for links to specific medieval cookbooks online.

Medieval and Renaissance Food Homepage

Stefanís Florilegium

Cariadoc's Miscellany

Thomas Gloning's medieval food site

A Boke of Gode Cookery

Cindy Renfrow's list of medieval cookbooks online

Medieval Kitchen Equipment

Martha Carlin's academic food history page

Medieval Dutch cookbooks

Anonimo Veneziano

Marx Rumpolt, Ein New Kochbuch (16th century German)

Viandier de Taillevent

Manuel de Mugeres - cosmetic and sweets recipes

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