These are the scenarios, i.e. introductory blurbs, for various role-playing modules, for various systems, which I have written or co-written. Bear in mind that these were designed for the very specific South African role-playing context, and work on the following assumptions:

  • they're designed to be played in a 3 or sometimes 4-hour slot, and are completely self-contained.
  • they're written mostly for four characters, and the characters are completely integral to the scenario.
  • they're designed to be run by a DM who has never seen the module before except for a one-hour lookthrough and briefing.
  • they're judged largely on our own judging system, which has the DM score the team and the team score the DM; no individual player judging, and everything backed up by independent scoring by wandering judges (like wandering monsters, but nastier and more inclined to breathe down your neck while you're playing).

These modules have variously appeared at Dragonfire, the tournament on the University of Cape Town campus; ICON, later GENCON SA, and a couple of other local tournaments (Oubliette in Durban, Pretoria, etc). If you'd like to see more of any of them, please mail me and we can make arrangements.

AD&D; modules

MERP and Rolemaster modules

Call of Cthulhu modules

Castle Falkenstein modules

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