Fantasy Role-playing

I've been roleplaying since 1988, when I was a university undergrad, and simply continued the hobby; these days I play in groups composed mostly of thirty-something professionals. Most recently I have run Call of Cthulhu and Castle Falkenstein games, and at various times played or DMed Ars Magica, Rolemaster, MERP and the various incarnations of D&D.; I have designed tournament modules for various South African gaming conventions, and am interested in the mechanics of tournament design. I was also involved for many years in the organisation of Dragonfire, the annual role-playing tournament of CLAWs, UCT's student fantasy role-playing society. Real Life, alas, means that I no longer actively design tournaments.

Live Action Roleplaying

I am part of Chimera, a three-person team of LARP designers who have so far unleashed three Chimera LARPs on an unsuspecting South Africa. I also design with other groups of people, although current projects have been on the back-burner for a couple of years. I am involved with encouraging, consulting on, playtesting and ruthlessly hoarding original South African LARPs.

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